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Do you live abroad? Are you an English-speaking family? Do you want your child to maintain their English while living abroad? Are you interested in a simple and easy to access course, which can be completed at home or in school?

Blackhen Education is an online school founded in 2011, which caters to English-speaking children living abroad. We offer English language courses for students aged 4 to 16 years and British history courses for students aged 8 to 14 years. Our courses are designed to follow the UK National Curriculum guidelines. Our tutors are fully qualified, experienced British teachers from both the primary and secondary sectors.

Download Blackhen’s Home Study Guide

To support families and their children Blackhen Education have designed a study guide to help parents  with their online schooling. Whether you are already registered with Blackhen or not – this has been created for all who may benefit.


For detailed information on each of our courses,
please download our parent packs which contain course content
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Why choose Blackhen Education?

Our Team

Sue Aitken B.Ed (Hons) Cert.Ed

Sue is founder and director of Blackhen Education and has over 25 years teaching experience in the UK education system.
She has been Head of Department and an A’Level examiner for Edexcel.

Andy Mackay BA (Hons) PGCE, CELTA

Andy has taught English and History for over 20 years in secondary schools in the UK and abroad.
Andy’s role at Blackhen Education is as director of IGCSE English and KS3 History.

Karen Crichton B.Ed (Hons)

Karen is an experienced KS1 and KS2 primary school teacher, with experience of teaching English, being a school SENCO and a Child Protection Officer.
Karen’s role at Blackhen Education is as a KS1, KS2 and KS3 tutor.

Emily Matheson BA (Hons) PGCE, CELTA

Emily is an experienced KS1 and KS2 primary school teacher, with experience of teaching both English and Foreign Languages in British primary schools.
Emily’s role at Blackhen Education is as a KS2 and KS3 tutor.

Bernadette Whiteley BA (Hons) PGCE

Bernadette is an experienced KS1 and KS2 Primary school teacher. She is a literacy specialist, and has been an English Co-ordinator during her career.
Bernadette’s role at Blackhen Education is as a KS2 and KS3 tutor.

Kate Monson-Davies BA (Hons) PGCE, TEFL

Kate is an experienced teacher of English at secondary level and in F.E. She has taught extensively in both France and the UK. Kate’s role at Blackhen Education is as a KS3 tutor.

'I have two children in Black Hen, one aged nine, one aged 7. They were both born in France, are schooled in the french system and although I speak English to them french is definitely their dominant language. My son started Black Hen in September as he wanted to do sports on a Wednesday rather than go to English class. It has been a huge success. He is not only learning English but also about English history, English classics and their authors. I’m particularly impressed with the methods: teaching him to do fact files, structure a story, group information together, follow instructions carefully. All of this in a fun way, there are never any arguments to do Black Hen. He uses his imagination to write stories, spells, recipes...something I feel is lacking in french schooling. It has been such a success that I withdrew my daughter from English school and she started this week her first unit. She loved it and I feel this really was the right choice for her. The feedback is always very positive and constructive. Suggestions for books or extra work on spelling, punctuation etc are given but always as games which just makes such a huge difference to learning. To anyone worried about time, parental input I’d say really you’re looking at maximum an hour a week. Obviously the older they are the more independent in their work they become but because it’s fun there’s none of the stress of schoolwork. I work week days but we have no problems fitting it in.'

Our Courses

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Key Stage 3 (11-14 yrs)

IGCSE English

History Courses and Resources

Key Stage 2 History (8-11 yrs)

Key Stage 3 History (11-14 yrs)

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Parent at Blackhen Education
‘My daughter, aged 15, goes to a regular French college and has benefited enormously from studying english and history with Black Hen over the last 3 years. This has been an important factor for her acceptance into an excellent state-run International School, and a really good grounding for the next few years at the lycée and for the OIB. Many thanks to you all and keep up the good work! 🙂 ’

Parent at Blackhen Education
‘My daughter who is 14 has been a Blackhen student for 3 years now. She goes to regular French college but I wanted her to continue with a level of English that would be similar to an international school. She really has improved both her grammar and vocabulary thanks to the lessons and feedback. She is completely autonomous now with her lessons and she loves her bi-weekly Skype sessions. Her teachers encourage thinking outside of the box and creativity. She will be continuing next year at the IGCSE level. I would highly recommend this program.’

Parent at Blackhen Education
‘Essential to ensure that my boys standard of English is as good as their French. Staff are helpful and give great feedback on the lessons. They won’t admit it but I think that my boys actually enjoy it!’

Parent at Blackhen Education
‘We just found out that Thea has got into the bilingual school in Paris that she had to do a two hour test for. We couldn’t have done it without Blackhen. There were lots of applicants, but only 15 places, so thank you for your help!’

Parent at Blackhen Education