Key Stage 2 History (Ages 8-11)

Our KS2 History course is based upon the National Curriculum in the UK. Pupils are taught about the following skills by studying a variety of topics throughout the course:

Historical Skills


  • Learn what History and Prehistory are.
  • Understand how to sequence dates correctly.
  • Identify how key factors shaped history and human progress.
  • Learn how evidence helps our understanding of the past.
  • Explore how different societies lived in the past, both in the UK and beyond.


How will students learn?

  • Learn about key events and breakthrough moments.
  • Use a range of video clips, maps, documents and artefacts to examine historical events or characters from Britain’s past and beyond.
  • Learn basic historical skills such as date sequencing, use of evidence and understanding timelines.
  • Evaluate key events, characters and societies.

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