Key Stage 2 English (Ages 7-11)

Our KS2 English course is based upon the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy which is now followed in all schools in England. Pupils are taught the following skills by studying a variety of texts – fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


The emphasis is on a wide range of strategies to make sense of their reading.  Children are taught:

  • To identify the difference between fact and fiction.
  • Practice the skills of identifying the main points in text.
  • Locate information – using contents, index, headings, page numbers and bibliography.
  • Describe and evaluate the style of writing in different texts.
  • Study poetry – the use of rhyme, rhythm and form.
  • Write for specific audiences.


Emphasis is on the skills of planning and presentation writing. Children are taught to:

  • Use speech marks, apostrophes, colons, semi-colons, dashes and brackets.
  • Use paragraphs and chapters, sub-headings and numbering to organise writing.
  • Plan and write stories, newspaper reports and advertisements.
  • Describe and evaluate the style of writing different texts.
  • Practise writing to inform, explain and describe.
  • Continue to improve spelling and punctutation.

For more information download our Key Stage 2 Parent Pack.