English Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 (Ages 11-14)

Our KS3 English course is based upon the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy which is now followed in all schools in England. Pupils are taught the following skills by studying a variety of texts – fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Reading Comprehension:

The aim is to develop the student’s understanding and responses to different texts, as well as the development of research skills for the purpose of study.

Students are taught to:

  • Express an opinion about a range of texts.
  • Demonstrate an ability to refer to the text to support their views.
  • Make inferences, draw conclusions and predict from information given.
  • Recognise whether subject matter is fact or opinion.
  • Discuss story line, characters and plot.
  • Be aware of different authors’ writing styles.
  • Develop research skills.



Emphasis is based on the ability to write for different purposes and audiences.

Students are taught to:

  • Use a variety of writing styles in different contexts.
  • Plan, revise and redraft writing.
  • Use a wide variety of language devices.
  • Develop higher level vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate how to use PE (Point & Evidence).