English (Ages 5-7)

Key Stage 1 (Ages 5-7)

Our KS1 English course is based upon the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy which is now followed in all schools in England. Pupils are taught the following skills by studying a variety of texts – fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


The emphasis is on a wide range of strategies to make sense of their reading.  Children are taught:

to decode words using sounds and blends.
to read familiar high frequency words in texts
to develop comprehension skills
to talk about the stories they read, identifying key elements including: title, author and illustrator.


This is linked very much to reading in that the two activities reinforce each other. Children are taught to:
form letters correctly
use their knowledge of sounds and blends to build phonetic words
begin to use high frequency irregular words in their writing
independently string words together to form a sentence, using spaces between each word
sequence sentences to form a short narrative
use capital letters and full stops; recognise and begin to use question marks and exclamation marks