Our Courses

Our Courses:

  • A child can start one of our courses at any point in the year (with the exception of IGCSE courses).
  • Blackhen Education’s courses are progressive, ensuring that your child would have the option to study IGCSE English at 14.
  • Our online courses are very accessible; the student can work at home or school (permission allowing), at their own pace.

English & History Courses:

Each course consists of 9 units per year.
  • Autumn Term –  3 Units
  • Spring Term   –  3 Units
  • Summer Term – 3 Units

Units of work:


  • All units are topic based and consist of a variety of tasks
  • Each unit consists of 4 weekly lessons
  • All resources are provided within the unit


Tutors & Marking:

  • Your child will be allocated a tutor at the start of the course
  • You will be given a monthly completion date for each unit
  • Your tutor will mark and send written feedback for each unit
*All new students are required to complete an assessment so that we can gauge their current level and advise you to the appropriate course.